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Perry & Carroll is one of the largest independent insurance agencies serving New York State’s Southern Tier and Pennsylvania’s Northern Tier. Our office on West Church Street in Elmira, NY is conveniently located with ample free parking and handicap accessibility. Our employees are your neighbors. As members of the business community, we not only provide jobs for our employees, we dedicate our volunteer efforts to making the region a better place to live and work, which improves everyone’s quality of life. READ MORE…

What to Inspect When You Own or Want to Buy a Boat

Before you spend tens of thousands on a boat, make sure that you know the boat will serve you honestly and work well.  There is nothing quite like sailing in the open water: the breeze in your hair, the soothing motion of the waves, and the certain aroma that both fresh and salt water give off. The Read More

How to Protect Your Home from Toxic Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew not only look bad, but they can be the cause of serious health issues if inhaled or digested.  There are more than 100,000 species of mold across the world, and while they may be essential in nature, they can be the cause of serious health ailments if they find a home in our home. Read More

How to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Seasons change and with those changes, we must make the necessary preparations in order for our homes to stand a chance against a changing environment.  After a rather long and tough winter, the spring has finally come to relieve the cold and give us a bit of warmth. Here are a few tips on how you Read More