Top Reasons to Make a Will

Benefits of Writing a Will Having a will is arguably one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. Not only can a will legally protect your spouse, children, and assets, but it can also spell out exactly how you like things handled after you pass on. While it’s a morbid topic to consider, it’s important that you do. Read More

Welcome Chris Spaulding!

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Welcome Michelle DeWitt!

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Halloween Safety Tips for Your Home

Don’t let the night turn into a nightmare with these Halloween home mishaps! Halloween is a night for costumes, spooky thrills, trick-or-treating, candy, and fun! On the flip side, it also can pose a big threat to those who are not cautious in their Halloween holiday preparations. Every homeowner will want to avoid Halloween home Read More

3 Tech Tools for Seniors Living Alone

Smart technology tools to make independence easy and safe. Seniors that live alone face unique risks. They do not have a roommate to help them with home maintenance tasks, nor the unlimited range of ability to do everything on their own. Luckily, senior homeowners do not always need to move into a care home or downsize. With the use of evolving Read More

What to Inspect When You Own or Want to Buy a Boat

Before you spend tens of thousands on a boat, make sure that you know the boat will serve you honestly and work well.  There is nothing quite like sailing in the open water: the breeze in your hair, the soothing motion of the waves, and the certain aroma that both fresh and salt water give off. The only thing that could dampen your relaxation at Read More

How to Give Back to Your Community

This Thanksgiving, make sure you make the time to give back to the community which has given you so much. When you get into the Thanksgiving vibe, giving can seem second nature to you. Take this giving attitude and spread it to your community. A successful community is based on individuals that unite towards the greater good of everyone in that Read More