What to Do When Involved in a Hit-and-Run Accident

How to handle the situation of getting involved in a hit-and-run accident. Whether you sensed it coming or it took you by surprise, being the victim of a hit-and-run accident is no walk in the park. Such an incident can leave you feeling physically and mentally debilitated. If the driver that hit you speeds off, here is what you should do to Read More

Tips to Keep Your RV in Top Condition for Summer Road Trips!

Prepare your RV for the summer ahead with these tips! Finally, the weather is getting warmer, and that means recreational vehicle owners are planning their spring and summer journeys. If you have an RV, you’ll get to enjoy the experience of the open road ahead and getting to sleep wherever you want along the road – who could want more freedom than Read More

Do You Need Rental Car Insurance?

Rental car insurance coverage explained. If you have ever rented a vehicle, odds are the person behind the counter has asked you whether you would like their company’s rental car insurance. After hearing the salesperson’s explanation, it may sound like a good idea to purchase their supplemental rental car insurance. The rental company’s extra Read More

Tips on How to Safely Share the Road with Pedestrians

What drivers should do to keep pedestrians safe.   As good drivers, we know exactly how to interact with other cars on the road, from stopping at stop signs to politely merging on freeways. What many drivers are far less versed in is safe interaction with pedestrians. Whether or not you like it, all of us motorists need to share the road with Read More

Preparing Your Snowmobile for the Winter Season

Here's how to get your snowmobile ready for the upcoming season. When the weather outside is frightful, it’s playtime for snowmobile enthusiasts. Before you head out on the fresh, white snow, take the time to ready your vehicle. With a little maintenance and some winter prep, you’ll be blasting trails and cruising tours like no tomorrow. What’s Read More

Challenging Skills You Should Teach Your Teen Driver

Help to boost your teen’s confidence on the roads. It’s only natural for parents to be a little anxious when their teen gets behind the wheel. After all, we know the risks and the dangers, but to them, it’s freedom and excitement. Instead of teaching your teen the basics and hope that they pick up confidence overnight, you should work with them Read More

Drive Easy This Summer with These Tips

Brush up on these summer driving tips before cruising the roads this season. Summertime is here! With the weather heating up and the days getting longer, many people will head on vacation, take some quality time off work, and enjoy the season ahead. While the crowds out and about increase, so does the traffic. The more people, the more risks there Read More