Do You Have Gaps in Your Homeowners Insurance?

Here's how to know if you have protective homeowners insurance. Despite the fact that a person’s home is likely their most valuable investment, homeowners insurance is highly undervalued. As consumers, we get taken up in nickel and diming our auto insurance policies and paying close attention to what is and what isn’t included. Meanwhile, we Read More

How to Maintain Your Water Heater

Draining Your Water Heater You may not realize how often you use your home’s water heater – but that changes the moment it breaks. To help it run worry-free and even extend its life, check out these water heater maintenance tips. Drain Your Water Heater Always read over your owner’s manual before draining your water heater. If you’re Read More

Easy Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Prevent Your Home’s Pipes from Freezing The winter is well and truly here, meaning that temperatures are continuing to drop. As the mercury drops, we need to prepare our homes for the inevitable. Frozen water pipes are a primary fear for homeowners in the winter, and for good reason – it’s estimated that pipes freeze in around 50 million Read More

Top Practices to De-Ice Your Sidewalk

Don’t let winter ice send you slipping and sliding down your sidewalk.   The season of ice and snow is upon us, and in New York, sometimes there is no escaping the black ice and slippery snow. These two weather conditions can wreak havoc for any homeowner or business. Whether you’re hosting friends, family, or guests, or simply trying to get to Read More

How to Winterize Your Home While You’re on Vacation

Safeguard your property while you’re out of town. Are you heading to a warmer climate this winter? Whether you’re heading to the beach house for the end of the year or hitting the slopes, there are a few precautions to take to protect your home while you’re away. Clean the fridge. Even if you’re heading out of town for a week, take the time Read More

Make Sure Your Home is Safe from Carbon Monoxide

CO poisoning is a real threat – Ensure your home stays free from it! Now that winter is almost here, we are staying indoors more. While we often think of a home as safer than facing the harsh New York elements, what many of us don’t realize is that our home could be harboring a silent killer – carbon monoxide. Unsafe gas appliances can produce Read More

Transferring a Deed? Don’t Forget Homeowners Insurance, Too!

Understanding how to keep your insurance in line with the transfer of a deed. Many people have questions about the legal effects of transferring their residential real estate to an adult child. There can be some benefits to doing this, but it is important to understand the potential disadvantages before you proceed. There are basically three ways Read More