Participate in Small Business Saturday!

Shop small this Small Business Saturday. We all know that Black Friday is one of the biggest days of the year for big box stores, and many of us sacrifice our Thanksgiving hours to stand in line for good deals on products. What about the brick and mortar shop down the street, though? While many of us are active members of our local communities, Read More

Challenging Skills You Should Teach Your Teen Driver

Help to boost your teen’s confidence on the roads. It’s only natural for parents to be a little anxious when their teen gets behind the wheel. After all, we know the risks and the dangers, but to them, it’s freedom and excitement. Instead of teaching your teen the basics and hope that they pick up confidence overnight, you should work with them Read More

Make Sure Your Home is Safe from Carbon Monoxide

CO poisoning is a real threat – Ensure your home stays free from it! Now that winter is almost here, we are staying indoors more. While we often think of a home as safer than facing the harsh New York elements, what many of us don’t realize is that our home could be harboring a silent killer – carbon monoxide. Unsafe gas appliances can produce Read More

Transferring a Deed? Don’t Forget Homeowners Insurance, Too!

Understanding how to keep your insurance in line with the transfer of a deed. Many people have questions about the legal effects of transferring their residential real estate to an adult child. There can be some benefits to doing this, but it is important to understand the potential disadvantages before you proceed. There are basically three ways Read More

Welcome Chris Spaulding!

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Welcome Michelle DeWitt!

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Halloween Safety Tips for Your Home

Don’t let the night turn into a nightmare with these Halloween home mishaps! Halloween is a night for costumes, spooky thrills, trick-or-treating, candy, and fun! On the flip side, it also can pose a big threat to those who are not cautious in their Halloween holiday preparations. Every homeowner will want to avoid Halloween home Read More

Easy Steps to Keep Employees Safe at Work

Whether it’s an office or a construction worksite, business owners need to keep their team safe. Every business should provide a safe work environment for workers and safe space for business operations. In addition to this, the business must assure the security of customer information, employee information, and company property. We’ve all heard Read More

Factors That Affect Your Home Insurance Premium

Here are the critical factors that insurers look at to determine your home insurance premium.   The cost of homeownership continues to rise in the United States. Though the continuous increase is a fact, it’s often unclear why most homeowners pay a different premium than the family living next door. Insurance carriers take into account many Read More

Protecting Your Business’ Outdoor Areas

How are you protecting your business outside? Many business owners are concerned with protecting their business from the indoors out. However, protecting your business from the outside first will minimize the risk of theft or damage to the inside. It makes sense, right? For your business, it’s important to protect your outside property as well Read More