How to Insure Your Home Business

Running a home-based business isn’t easy, here’s how you can insure it to protect your business equipment. If you run a business from the comfort of your own home, you may not have enough insurance to protect your business equipment. A standard homeowners insurance policy provides only $2,500 of coverage for business equipment, which is likely Read More

Does Your Property Need an Energy Audit?

Going green is something that many companies are doing as a way to help the planet, but can an energy audit really help save your small business money? The planet is changing. Many people say it's difficult to justify the renewing, reducing, and recycling without evidence of the return on investment. While money is certainly an extrinsically Read More

Social Engineering Endorsements That Protect Clients

In recent years, hackers and cyber-thieves have developed new ways to acquire sensitive bank accounts information.  Early phishing scams were fairly easy to spot: a request from a Nigerian prince or a fake link to your bank's customer service center where you would be required to input your information. Now they have gotten a lot more elaborate Read More

Business Interruption Insurance: Cover Your Losses

Can your small business withstand weeks or even months without revenue? If not, business interruption insurance can be your hero.  Your typical property insurance policy will cover physical damages and losses done to your property if a covered incident occurs like a fire, theft, windstorms, and other such events. But what about the losses that Read More

Insurance for Your Company Holiday Party

The holidays are right around the corner but before you get ready for your company holiday party, there are some things you need to know and do.  The holidays are a fine and festive time for many people across the nation. While it is good to have fun during these holidays, it's also important that you prepare your liability if you are going to Read More

Does Your Drone Need Insurance?

With rise of drones flying around, the number of claims, legal issues, and cases have been on the increase. The small unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) industry has blown up in the commercial and personal market. From surveying land, to finding missing people, to filming content, drones have shown that they are diverse, affordable, and beneficial to Read More

Safeguard Your Business With Cyber Liability Insurance

Bust Your Risk Of Breach With This Coverage Business owners spend countless hours worrying about their worst-case scenarios and planning to both prevent and handle them. As technology changes our world, those scenarios look different than they did ten—or even just a few—years ago. Today, cyber security should be a top priority for businesses. Read More