Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement can help you face the future with greater confidence knowing you have a source of income in place once you’ve left the workplace behind. Now that fewer and fewer companies are offering pension plans for their employees, retirement planning has taken on a whole new significance. And even when pension benefits are available, setting aside additional income can help protect you when life’s unexpected events take their toll. At Perry & Carroll, we offer a broad range of retirement planning options that can help men and women take control of their financial futures. Today, there are more options than ever for people who want to set aside money for their retirement. Our agents can help custom-tailor a retirement plan package that helps every individual get the best coverage for the greatest peace of mind.

401K Plans

Today, most fulltime employees expect to be offered some benefits from their employers, including benefits that will help them once they retire. 401K plans are among the most popular employer-sponsored retirement plans, offering a range of investment options as well as low participant fees. Offering a 401K plan – with or without an employer match – demonstrates your commitment to your employees and their families by providing them with an option to help set aside pre-tax dollars that they can tap into during their retirement years. 401K plans offer flexible options, including multiple types of investment categories and the ability to change contribution limits as need or income shifts. We can help you custom-tailor a 401K plan that suits your unique needs and works within your budget. Contact our agents to get started.

At Perry & Carroll, we understand that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to retirement planning. We’re skilled at identifying the best types of retirement options for your needs, and we can help you design a retirement benefits package that’s just right for you.

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