Health Insurance

Making sure you can afford medical care is essential in today’s world of rising medical costs, and having the right insurance plays a big role in helping you protect your hard-earned savings. Today, there are dozens of options available for health insurance plans, including coverage options for dental and vision benefits and even prescription benefits, so you can have the coverage you need to handle all your medical costs without draining your savings account. The amount and type of coverage you need, the copays and deductibles you want to pay, the number of people you’d like to include on your policy and other factors all play a role in determining the policy that’s best for you. Let our agents help you understand all your options, and then create a custom policy that’s tailored just for you.

Benefits Administration:

  • Meet with our clients to detail the annual enrollment process desired.
  • Finalize the benefit plan designs, eligibility, costs and employee/employer pricing.
  • Review the administrative management processes with the insurance vendors and/or third party administrators and our client.
  • Provide an Enrollment Summary approximately three months following the plan effective date.
  • Design and manage the production and distribution of enrollment communication materials.
  • Create customized training materials and conduct employee presentations.
  • Consultant will provide clients with on-going information about Health Care Reform.

At Perry & Carroll, we want you to experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing you won’t become a financial burden to your loved ones. Our life and health insurance experts are skilled at helping men and women just like you get the coverage they need to feel confident and secure. Want to find out more? Then give us a call today at 607-734-4291 or email us at and we’ll get to work creating a policy that’s based on your unique needs.