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Employment Practices Liability

Employment practices liability insurance, or EPL, provides coverage for your company against claims including but not limited to discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, breach of contract and other employment-related issues, including protection from claims that can arise during the hiring process. During the past decade, employee lawsuits have posed an increasing problem for employers, especially those of small- and medium-sized companies that lack employee handbooks or other policy guidelines regarding the hiring and termination processes, as well as in-house legal departments skilled at handling these types of claims. EPL policies provide important protection for your company and should be a part of your risk mitigation strategy. Policy options and coverage limits are available for businesses of all types and sizes. Our agents can help you choose the best coverage options for your unique needs.

Cyber Liability

Cyber liability insurance has become increasingly critical in recent years as more and more business is conducted online. These policies can reimburse your out-of-pocket expenses, such as IT services for data recovery, forensics investigations, notification costs, credit monitoring services, legal costs and business interruption.

Cyber liability policies can also provide legal liability coverage in case you are sued by people whose personal data was released, whose systems or networks were damaged by your virus, whose web transaction was blocked by a denial of service attack or by a regulator who imposes damages against you. Let us help you mitigate your risks by helping you get the coverage you need.

Directors & Officers

Directors & officers insurance, or D&O, provides your directors and officers with the coverage they need to protect themselves from damages arising from claims of wrongdoing, whether those acts are alleged or actual. Covered acts can include errors, omissions, neglect, misleading statements or breach of duty. By providing D&O coverage, your company positions itself as one which cares about protecting its employees from liability claims which in turn can help you attract and retain better employees. What’s more, most investors require D&O insurance to be in place before investing in a company in order to ensure the company has adequate liability protection. D&O insurance policies provide coverage for both legal costs incurred as well as settlements, and can be tailored to include regulatory actions against you. As important as D&O coverage is, it’s also easily misunderstood. Let our agents help you understand the best policy to keep you and your directors and officers protected against claims.

Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance was specifically designed for businesses that offer personal and professional services, including companies that provide financial, legal or other types of guidance. Also referred to as errors and omissions or E&O insurance, professional liability insurance will protect you from liability claims where someone is blaming your company for anything that resulted in harm.

Because professional liability claims can be so broad, it’s difficult for businesses to anticipate them. That’s why it’s critical to have professional liability coverage in place. Policies provide coverage for both legal defense costs and settlements. The type of coverage you need will vary based on your business. Let us help you identify your risks and determine the best policy for your needs.

At Perry & Carroll, we help businesses operate more confidently by providing them the insurance coverage they need to protect their vital assets. To learn more about the business insurance options we provide and to let us custom-tailor a coverage package for your business, give us a call today at 607-734-4291 or email us at info@perrycarroll.com.