Teen Driving

Adding a teenager to your auto insurance policy can increase your premiums – sometimes substantially. And turning your car keys over to your teen can also increase your stress level – substantially. But there are ways to help lower costs and to lower the risk that your teen will be involved in a car accident.

Using mobile devices and other types of distracted driving are one of the leading causes of car accidents among young drivers. Be sure your teen understands the very real – and often deadly – risks of using a cellphone or other mobile device while they’re driving. Make sure they know that if they want to read or send a text or email, check a social site, type an address into a GPS, take a picture or perform any other activity using a mobile device, they must pull off the road first.

Keep your costs low by asking our agents about insurance discounts for teens. For instance, some policies reward teens for good grades or for completing behind-the-wheel driver training by offering lower premiums.

Getting behind the wheel can expose you and your loved ones to certain risks. Making sure you have the right insurance coverage in place can go a long way toward improving your peace of mind. Give us a call today at 607-734-4291 or email us at info@perrycarroll.com to learn how we can help.