3 Tech Tools for Seniors Living Alone

Smart technology tools to make independence easy and safe. Seniors that live alone face unique risks. They do not have a roommate to help them with home maintenance tasks, nor the unlimited range of ability to do everything on their own. Luckily, senior homeowners do not always need to move into a care home or downsize. With the use of evolving Read More

The Benefits of Using an Independent Agent for Health Insurance

Tailor your health insurance policy with the help of an independent agent. Everyone’s needs, health, and lifestyle are different. For this reason, buying a health insurance policy that’s designed to cover some of your needs could be a mistake. Fortunately, enlisting the help of an independent agent can help you get your health insurance policy Read More

How to Ensure Safe and Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Children having fun is an important part of their development, but making sure they stay safe assures they have time develop. When you are planning fun days for your kids it’s important not to lose sight of the “fun”damental needs of your children. As planning evolves, don’t hesitate to run ideas by your risk management representative—especially Read More

Holiday Safety Tips: Fourth of July & Fireworks

The 4th of July is a great day for celebration, but some things, like fireworks, should really be left to the professionals. Independence Day is America’s birthday, and every American celebrates with hotdogs, hamburgers, and fireworks. While not legal in all 50 states, some families celebrate by setting of their own fireworks right in their Read More

The Importance of an Independent Insurance Agent

Contrary to popular belief, cutting out the middle-man is not always a good thing. In this day and age, there are many direct insurance companies who cut out the middle man and sell their services directly to you. These companies cut out the middle man and choose to cut out the insurance agent. The logic behind this is that because you’re cutting Read More

St. Patricks Day Safety

2 tips on how to stay safe this St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to spend with your friends and family. But you should know that there is a dark side to St. Patrick’s Day that not even Darth Vader would wish upon his worst of enemies: drinking and driving. Use these two important tips to help you stay safe on the roads this Read More

Health Insurance Deadlines You Need to Know

Mark your calendar for these health insurance deadlines. It’s not just the holiday season, it’s also health insurance season. Right now, we’re in open enrollment. That means that you can currently buy the health insurance coverage you need for 2016 – but you won’t be able to do so for long! Make sure you’re protected by marking these upcoming Read More